Strategic advocacy for community engagement in post-secondary institutions

Please note: We plan to convene discussions and assemble a broader selection of resources around the advocacy theme over the coming weeks.


Emphasize the significant value of relationships with community that grow out of engaged research and learning. Through these relationships, institutions build trust and gain in-depth knowledge of community needs, which they can employ in collaborating effectively with communities during times of crisis.

Highlight the creativity, flexibility, and ability to adapt to community needs (sometimes ‘on the fly’ as situations change) that institutions gain from a history of working with community partners on challenges within previous projects.


Commentaries on community engagement and the current crisis:

Inside Higher Ed. Public engagement in the time of COVID-19.

Messages from post-secondary institutions about community engagement during the pandemic:

University of British Columbia Office of the President. COVID-19: UBC and the community.

Simon Fraser University Office of Community Engagement. Now, more than ever, is the time for institutions to work in close partnerships with our communities.