Benefits for Members

Over the past few years, we’ve been listening to CCE practitioners’ recommendations for how we can help to build relationships, capacity and impact across community-campus partnerships.

Over the coming months, Community Campus Engage Canada will offer members opportunities to:

  • Connect with other CCE collaborators through our member directory and newsletters, and post information about your own work.
  • Ask questions and share your expertise through virtual events and informal discussion sessions’.
  • Attend Community Campus Engage Canada webinars to learn from CCE participants, or find easy links on our website to information and learning resources from a vast range of other CCE organizations in Canada.
  • Access an extensive selection of CCE articles, best practice guides, tools and partnership templates through our comprehensive resource library.
  • Actively collaborate with other members in your region or across Canada on activities such as: mentorship programs; joint funding applications; data sharing across projects; innovative research; advocacy for enriched resources and policy for CCE.