Am Johal

Director of Community Engagement, Simon Fraser University Vancity Office of Community Engagement

Am Johal is Director of SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement and Co-Director of SFU’s Community Engaged Research Centre. He is an Associate of SFU’s Institute for the Humanities and is an Associate with SFU’s Centre for Dialogue. He has been a Visiting Professor with SFU’s Semester in Dialogue. He is a co-founder of UBC’s Humanities 101 program. In 2015, he published ‘Ecological Metapolitics: Badiou and the Anthropocene’ (Atropos Press) and in 2018, co-authored with Matt Hern with contributions from Joe Sacco, ‘Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life: A Tar Sands Tale’ (MIT Press).