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10 Resources for Building a Community-Engaged Curriculum

Making Your Research Accessible to Community Partners

Hear my Voice: Including Community Voices at Post-Secondary Institutions

The Impact of Tenure on Community-Campus Engagement

Academic Articles

Sandmann, L., Saltmarsh, J., & O’Meara, K. (2016). An integrated model for advancing the scholarship of engagement: Creating academic homes for the engaged scholar. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 20(1), 157-175.

Knowledge Resources: Students

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Recommendations for Students in Community-Campus Partnerships: My Experience as a CFICE Research Assistant

Making Your Research Accessible to Community Partners

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Increasing Student and Non-Profit Readiness for Community-Campus Engagement Placements

Post-secondary Jobspeak: How to Translate your Student Experiences into Job Skills Employers Desire