COVID-19 Resources

We have assembled a selection of links to excellent COVID-19 resources from organizations and initiatives that support community-campus engagement.

Colleges & Institutes Canada has assembled a series of posts that include information for international students and resources to help faculty transition to virtual teaching. They have also developed a COVID-19 webinar series, and sent out a survey to members prompting them to share their experiences and advice:

Community Foundations of Canada offers varied information resources on its website as well as a series of webinars on themes including “COVID-19: How are community foundations responding?” and “Facilitation & Remote Work”:

Food Secure Canada has put together a list of needs among food organizations across the country due to the COVID-19 crisis:

The National Association of Friendship Centres has assembled a broad range of COVID-19 resources, including Indigenous-and province-specific links to more information:

Tamarack Institute offers an extensive range of COVID-19 information resources on its website, weekly webinars and a selection of positive stories coming out of the crisis:

United Way Canada provides information on COVID-19 funding from the Government of Canada to assist vulnerable seniors through its New Horizons for Seniors Program:

Universities Canada provides quick links on its website to COVID-19 updates, health resources and travel advice, and within a section titled “How universities are working to find solutions”:

Volunteer Canada offers a range of resources under headings that include ‘Virtual Volunteering’, ‘Sector Advocacy’ and ‘Online Learning’: