Seizing the Moment

Seizing the Moment: Exploring just and sustainable pandemic recovery through community-campus partnerships

The Seizing the Moment project was co-led by the Community Engagement and Research Centre (CERC) at the University of Regina and Community Campus Engage Canada (CCECanada). Participants included representatives from community-based organizations and community engagement offices at academic institutions, as well as post-secondary faculty and students from diverse regions across Canada. This project was generously supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connection Grant.

The Seizing the Moment summary report is available here:

The Seizing the Moment project aimed to facilitate meaningful cross-sectoral conversations around the following themes:

How has the COVID pandemic impacted Canadian communities and academic partners, and what types of adaptive strategies have communities implemented in response to these challenges?

What options exist for community-campus partnerships to address this and other large-scale disruptions?

Project activities included:

A two-day pan-Canadian online workshop (May 25-26, 2021) convening participants from across Canada for a series of presentations as well as regional and national discussion sessions;

A Quebec-based, French-language workshop (November 18, 2021) that focused on community-campus partnerships in the provincial context;

A post-workshop webinar/discussion series (June-November 2021) aimed at continuing workshop conversations and emerging collaborations; and

A Seizing the Moment web page, which provided a place to share project outputs, stories, event recordings, and information resources.

Seizing the Moment video playlists:

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